The Book

THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE is the most prestigious internationally recognised award in the world. Its recipients are extraordinary individuals, each of whom has had a significant and positive impact on our world today – in many instances they have changed it at great personal risk and sacrifice affecting untold lives in the process. Yet, at a time in our history when we need their voices most, the citizens of the world, especially youth, know precious little about them. This book, featuring the gripping stories of most of the recent Nobel Peace Laureates, seeks to change that.

The Author

LIVIA MALCANGIO is an Italian journalist, a mother of two boys and a human rights activist, who works for the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates since 2001. She has represented KidsRights Foundation in Italy for seven years. As a professional interpreter, Ms. Malcangio has translated for a number of world leaders during G8 Summits, World Social Forum and humanitarian missions. Previously, she has worked for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and for the Italian Government, managing European funds for international training programmes and she edited books on sustainable tourism and inter-religious dialogue.

“This book, Being Nobel by Livia Malcangio, enables readers to learn more about recent Nobel Laureates, most of them still living, and each of whom has the potential to make some positive contributions to society.
Each of their stories vividly shows how an individual can make a difference.
Positive change in the world occurs because of the combined efforts of individuals and it is something in which we can all take part.” His Holiness The Dalai Lama

“It is very heartwarming to see that Livia took her time to do this wonderful book. I believe in the power of writing.
I believe in the power of telling stories, because I think it is through these stories and writings and pictorial depictions of people, that young people get inspired to do great things. I honestly think is a really good book. Congratulations, and go on filling it with new stories!” Leymah Gbowee

“I am thrilled that this book is published for this event, thanks to the energy and devotion of its author Livia Malcangio, who gathered the experiences, words, and stories that help explain the efforts led by the various laureates. This is a book that not only inspires, but also teaches. It serves as a beacon to new generations, reaffirming the principle that change is possible as long as there are good men and women committed to achieving it. It is only by learning from each other and working together that we can turn humankind into a family that can live in peace.” Juan Manuel Santos

“The recipients of ‘the world’s most prestigious prize’ are people indeed worth listening to. They have the will to make the world a better and more peaceful place, with an idea of how to do it, and with the courage and endurance to make it. That is what Being Nobel is about.”

Liv Tørres

Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center

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